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AM was created more than 40 years ago in Amsterdam the Netherlands. AM s expertise and interests go back many centuries. Its collection of furniture artifacts and accessories is inspired by the age of exploration maritime history cartography and more Our never ending quest for unique objects and designs coupled with our goal to share their stories with a dedicated audience. Now in the 21st C. AM is eminently placed to offer its unique collection to the world at large with our collection shown in major cities the world over.

Its incredible that so few Admiralty lamps from the early 1900s have survived. But it may be many of them were refashioned into WWII gear when people were asked to turn in brass and aluminum heirlooms. Plows to bullets... Using old and oft-forgotten techniques we have been able to bring back the interesting shapes of early hold and go down lamps. Impressively large and practical they were built to last. After finding the original at a Paris auction we were spellbound when it arrived and we were able to unlock the wing nuts and study the construction. Replicas are made by hand one by one duplicating every design and technical detail of the original. Brass and aluminum. Complete with stainless steel hanging wires and ceiling bracket.

  • Size: 15.75 x 19.7 x 20.1.
    Price: 772.20

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